The Beginning: Blog 1

Dear Readers,
Wow! What an educational first week I have had working at Culture Project. The experience was a unique one, in that everything was new for me. Every summer before this one I have done some type of physically active program. Whether it was my summer day camp I went to for ten years, the summer theatre camp on Long Island I went to one summer where we did musicals and danced around, or the summer theatre programs in New York City and Oxford which all had movement classes, I have never been sitting in an office all day. If someone had told me I would have to sit at a computer for eight hours a day I would have laughed at them and said I couldn’t do it. Not “I don’t want to do it” but that I would never believe that would be something I am capable of. I can barely sit at a computer for ten minutes without going on Facebook, how could I sit there for eight hours and research? Well boy, did I surprise myself! I am glad I have been presented with this opportunity because otherwise I don’t think I would have gotten the chance to experience how much I am actually capable of.

These past four days, I have learned how a passion can make anything exciting. It seems weird to say, but I am becoming a person I have always wanted to be, but never thought I could be. I am learning what it is like to work each day and feel productive after a day of work. I love being thorough but I only usually need to be when I am reviewing for finals. I now am able to see how the skills I have learned/am learning in school have become inherent and now help me in my every day life. I will give you an example of this phenomenon:

When the three other interns and I arrived at our first day of work monday morning, we were told that one of our tasks over the summer will be to create three proposals for the blueprint for accountability panel discussions that Culture Project holds in the town hall. We will need to come up with possible speakers, budgets, and the themes, and then propose them to Allan Buchman who is the founder of culture project. This is a very exciting project and researching for it has felt lass like work than a mission since the topics are so interesting. Our first topic we chose to research is the “Inequality in education based on Socioeconomic status.” The second and third are not as fleshed out yet, but one will be about the injustices and secret challenges presented by the American Govt for those who cross the border, and the third we are not sure of yet. I am so excited to take on these projects and work with the three other interns to learn more about the topic, learn how to work efficiently as an individual, but more importantly, as a team.

I also see the possibilities of a new play this summer. I have been inspired by these topics, especially the one about crossing the border. I am excited and am looking forward to fleshing out my ideas and creating something I can present when I get back to school. I am now at an Armenian Student Association conference in Boston to learn about the modern day Armenian/Turkish relationships and am so excited to learn more about this topic that means so much to me and can help me understand outside of the textbook how the aftermath of genocide plays out and repeats itself! Then I go back to work on monday and I am looking forward to the second week and letting you all know how it went so you can continue to follow my learning journey!

Thanks for reading!

All the best,


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