Today is the second to last day of my internship here at Cardozo Law School and I have had nothing but wonderful experiences. I am so lucky to have gotten this opportunity and so grateful that the people I have worked with here have been nothing but kind, knowledgeable, and encouraging. Today for lunch two of my supervisors took me out and we talked about my time here and my time in the future. Of course they told me to stay in touch and that this was not the end of our relationship, but it was still wonderful to get many great pieces of advice for moving forward. I think one of the greatest things I’ve learned here is that there are so many different types of Human Rights Law. There are so many great opportunities, so many different types of law that people are practicing, and it is really exciting to know that there is such a wide field I desire to go into where I can truly fulfill my passion in the way I want, doing what I want–without being confined or restricted by obstacles and barriers.

We discussed so many great things at lunch and one topic was on different authors to read on Human Rights Law. They mentioned, Christine Chinkin, Hilary Charles, Dinah Shelton, Tom Buergenthal, Naomi Roht-Arriaza, Frank Newman, Rafael Lemkin, Beth Stephens, and more. I learned of different pieces they wrote that I can read. They told me about how they got involved in the field and how they’ve gotten to where they are today. I learned about how wonderful the peace corps is! I learned that I can intern at the International Criminal Court to see if that’s really what I want to do, etc.

At the end, I asked for one piece of advice–something they wish someone had told them. The two pieces of advice I got were, to definitely take time in between college and law school-don’t go straight there! People do better and enjoy law school more when they have 2-5 years of real world experience. AND, don’t have children too soon. If you want to do international criminal law, make sure you give yourself time to do field work and experience the field.

Anyway, I am very lucky to have met such great role models with such great advice. They have truly made my time here pleasurable and I’ve learned how wonderful and necessary it is to love your work environment. I believe everything happens fro a reason, and finding this internship happened for reasons I can see now, and I hope many more great benefits in the future that I have yet to see.


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