Last day

Today is the last day of my internship and there are many thoughts running through my head. First, these past six weeks have been an amazing experience. I have loved every moment of my time here and I am so grateful for every opportunity I have received. I wrote thank you letters to my supervisors and in them, I just couldn’t stop speaking of how much I’ve learned and how thankful I am to have received all the opportunities I did. Even though I am not a  law student, I was given responsibilities that really helped me develop my skills as a student and develop my passion for this type of law. For example, when working on asylum cases, I got to opportunity to translate affidavits from english to spanish, to help strengthen the legal arguments by pointing out flaws in practice interviews that make the case more questionable, and to help the client feel their best and most prepared for the interview that day by building a connection with them and letting them know you are there to help them. Then, even more than all of that, I got to go to the interview at the USCIS (United States Custom and Immigration Services) and sit with the lawyer, the client, the translator, and the officer while the client was questioned. I got to watch how the lawyer took notes, what she thought was most important, what she objected to or commented on, and most of all, the discussion after in the car helped me understand what she thought of everything that happened, and to learn that I had some of the same thoughts and objections as her, gave me hope that this is the kind of work I definitely want to do because it comes natural to me. Many things in life I look to others to understand how to feel about them (as many of us do all the time), and we look to others to see how we should react, etc. But for this, every time the lawyer commented on something, or told me in the car that she was going to comment on something, most of those comments I had written down as well. Being in that interview I could see myself being in the lawyer’s position–I could see and feel myself there and more than just being there, I would be happy there.

I am really grateful for this opportunity because it has taught me that there is so much variety in life to our options and opportunities, but also that in this Human Rights Law field, there is a lot that can make me happy, and I have finally found a path I am exited to embark upon.


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